The Steps to Voting Absentee Style

As promised, here are the steps for applying for your absentee ballot!

Voting absentee applies to you if you are out of the State of Pennsylvania or unable to get to your normal polling station because you are on campus and registered to vote with your “residential home address.”

  1. Download and print out the absentee ballot application. Find it here:
  2. Complete the application—remembering to complete every line item.  Also, make sure to use the address where you can receive mail (on campus address, etc…)
  3. Mail or drop off your absentee ballot application so that it will be received by your county Board of Elections by 5 pm on the Tuesday before Election Day.
    1. Hint: You can find out your county’s Board of Election information here-
    2. To make life easier, since the majority of you are from Philadelphia County—here is the full address and telephone number of Philadelphia County’s Board of Elections:

Philadelphia County Board of Elections

520 North Christopher Columbus Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19123

Telephone Number: 215-686-1505

  1. Complete your absentee ballot as soon as you receive it in the mail!!!
  2. Mail or hand-deliver your absentee ballot so that it will be received by your county Board of Elections by 5 pm on the Friday before Election Day.

Key Dates to Keep in Mind!!

Request Deadline: Tuesday, October 31, 2017, at 5 pm

Return Deadline: Friday, November 3, 2017, at 5 pm

Happy Absentee Voting—it’s so important to have your voice heard!

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