Profile of a Scholar: Luis

Luis, Sponsor-A-Scholar Class of 2013 and recent Penn State graduate, has already proven his ability to turn passion into opportunity. A Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship major, Luis saw a chance to share his passion for finance with his peers by founding Financially Independent Nittany Lions, a financial literacy student organization. We asked Luis to tell us a little about what it takes to be a successful leader of a new student organization:

What is Financially Independent Nittany Lions?

“Financially Independent Nittany Lions (FINL) is a student-run organization comprised of individuals aspiring to achieve financial security. FINL gives Penn State students an opportunity to learn about managing personal finances and investing during college to ensure financial independence after graduation.”


Luis at the podium at our Philadelphia Futures 2017 Graduation Celebration

What inspired you to start the club?

“I started the club with the ultimate goal of FINL as a way to increase financial awareness through various investment opportunities, so that students are better prepared to survive the transition from college to career.”

What were your primary responsibilities as the club’s president?

“The primary responsibility of the president is managing the club’s internal and external affairs. Examples include meeting with other clubs to co-sponsor events, marketing the organization to other students, and dividing up responsibilities for presentations.


Luis with fellow members of FINL

What trait do you think was most valuable in your role as president?

“One trait that definitely helped me in my role as president was the ability to restrategize if our original plan fell through. This helped keep my team focused and motivated to achieve the organization’s goals.”

What advice would you give to a Philadelphia Futures collegian who is considering taking on a leadership role at their school?

“Be prepared to motivate your team and take the initiative to execute your plans efficiently. Be sure to delegate tasks, and keep your members motivated by emphasizing the mission and value of the group. Always be prepared to trouble-shoot so that you don’t lose momentum if you experience a set-back.”

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