Funding for Summer Courses

We hope that the last few weeks of your spring semester are going well! We know that many of you have expressed interest in taking classes over the summer. Please note that there are several possible funding options for summer courses, including limited funds from Philadelphia Futures! Keep reading to find out more.

Federal aid funds:

While current financial aid policies significantly limit the availability of aid for summer coursework, you should seek this funding before applying for a summer grant from Philadelphia Futures. If you have any Pell or Direct Loan funding remaining from this academic year, you may be able to apply it towards your summer courses at the college you are currently attending. If you received a refund check during the year, you may also use those funds towards summer classes. Visit your Financial Aid office to inquire about available aid.

You should NOT use PHEAA funds for summer courses. PHEAA eligibility is limited to 8 semesters. Do not use your eligibility for a summer session, which is often less expensive than a fall/spring semester.

Funding from Philadelphia Futures:

If you do not qualify for federal aid at your school, or if you plan to take classes at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), you may apply for summer grant funds from Philadelphia Futures.

Funds are EXTREMELY limited. For College Connection students, 100% of funding will be from a Philadelphia Futures summer grant award. For Sponsor-A-Scholar students, funding may be divided between grant funds and your remaining sponsorship funds.

  1. CCP Summer Grant from Philadelphia Futures
  • You must have a J number (a CCP student number).
  • You must confirm with Philadelphia Futures that the courses you enroll in will fulfill requirements at your home institution.
  • Grant amounts will vary up to the cost of two courses. For SAS students, one half will be contributed by Philadelphia Futures and the other half from the student’s Sponsorship funds.
  1. Summer Philadelphia Futures Grant
  • You must be enrolled in at least one course during the spring 2017 semester.
  • Grant amounts will vary up to the cost of two courses.

Please click here for more detailed information and instructions for applying. Then click the link below if you choose to apply.

Click here to complete the application.   

Grant applications are due by Friday, April 28. Recipients will be selected based on need, demonstrated commitment to their own academic success, commitment to Philadelphia Futures, and strength of the Grant Application request. Award recipients will be notified on Wednesday, May 3.

Please contact Amy at 215-790-1666 x448 or with any questions or concerns.

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