Cachai?: La Primera Semana (Santiago, Chile)

Second-Year Drexel student Anthony had a wonderful experience studying abroad in Santiago, Chile during the fall of 2016. During his time there, he stayed in an international student dorm at the prestigious Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and completed a full semester of coursework, which was taught entirely in Spanish! Even with all of his challenging academic commitments, Anthony found time to explore the scenery and culture of Santiago, and to overcome language barriers to form close friendships with his classmates. Throughout his time in Chile, Anthony kept a gorgeous weekly blog documenting his adventures. This is his very first entry, but be sure to check out the full series here. Thank you for sharing your experience, Anthony!

Drexel Study Abroad

Seventeen hours in total spent from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Mexico City to then finally Santiago, Chile (add an extra 2 hours if you want include the drive from Philadelphia to New York). Being someone who is always up for an adventure I always spoke with such high spirits and excitement when I had told people about the fact that I was going to studying abroad in a whole other country, all on my own. As time went by and the date to departure got closer, my excitement turned into fear and nervousness. I remember the whole time on the plane, the constant watching of movies, the chowing down on airplane food, the tired shuffling on an uncomfortable airplane seat, were all just ways to keep my mind of the fact that it was happening.

But it happened. At first everything did not seem so different. Providencia, the…

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