Every Day is a New Day

Kiryl, a second-year Temple University student majoring in Criminal Justice, is currently spending the spring semester across the state in Harrisburg, where he is completing a Pennsylvania House Fellowship. The PA House Fellowship program immerses students in the legislative process, providing a solid foundation for any career dealing with government, law, or social issues. As an aspiring law student, Kiryl was placed in the Judiciary Committee, where he conducts research on laws and government programs, drafts talking points for state Representatives, and shadows his Chairman on the job. He is even drafting his own bill as part of his final project! We’re proud to share the following post that Kiryl penned for the PA House Fellowship Blog, in which he describes how valuable the experience has been for him:

Pennsylvania House Fellowship Blog

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought about how blessed you are to work in the job that you have? Well for me, this happens every single sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy morning.

Every day is a new day. This has become the exciting part of my internship. Two weeks prior to taking part in this fellowship, I pondered the idea of what a college student, who’s majoring in criminal justice might do in state government. In reality, I did not know much about state government. I was worried that I would not have experience related to my interest and my major, since in the future I am planning to go to law school. However, within the first week of the internship I found myself pleasantly surprised.

I was placed in the Judiciary Committee. Today, I have the honor to work besides the most hard-working and intelligent co-workers…

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