Summer Opportunities for Professional Development – No Internship Required!

As a Philadelphia Futures collegian, you definitely know that summer internships are excellent opportunities to gain professional experience and build your resume. However, even if you didn’t land an internship this year, there are plenty of alternative ways to further your professional development over summer break! As the spring semester draws to a close, consider the options below:

  1. Get a Summer Job – Any Job!

All work experience is valuable experience. Even a job bussing tables or working as a cashier is a great opportunity to demonstrate that you are a reliable and dedicated employee. A glowing recommendation from a former supervisor (no matter their field!) can prove invaluable in opening doors for you in the future.

  1. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience doing meaningful work and build your professional network. Reach out to an organization you’re passionate about. Even if the work isn’t directly related to your chosen career field, you’ll still be building transferable skills.

  1. Shadow a Professional

Job shadowing, or following an experienced professional as they go about their workday, is an effective way to gain insight into career fields that interest you.  Find people to shadow through your professional network, or contact your school’s career services center to see if they have a job shadowing placement program. For more job shadowing tips, click here.

  1. Conduct Informational Interviews

Like job shadowing, informational interviews are opportunities to expand your network while gaining perspective on potential careers. See our guide to informational interviewing here.

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