Profile of a Scholar: Samantha

Induction into an academic honor society is a major distinction that provides a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills and dedication on your resume. Samantha, Sponsor-A-Scholar Class of 2013 and a graduate of Parkway Center City High School, had her academic abilities formally recognized when she was inducted into Kutztown University’s chapter of Chi Alpha Epsilon in the fall of 2015. A junior majoring in Social Work with a minor in Psychology, Samantha plans to apply her talents to a career as a Probation Officer. We asked Samantha to share a little about her time as a member of Chi Alpha Epsilon:

What is Chi Alpha Epsilon, and how did you get involved?

“Chi Alpha Epsilon is an honor society through the TRIO program here on campus. During a meeting with my TRIO advisor, she mentioned that my grade point average of a 3.33 made me eligible to be in the Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society. She asked if I was interested and I said yes. I was formally inducted in fall 2015”

What are Chi Alpha Epsilon’s eligibility requirements?

“Chi Alpha Epsilon was founded at West Chester University as an honor society for students who participate in educational opportunity programs like TRIO SSS and ACT 101. If you participate in an educational opportunity program and have a high academic standing you may be qualified to become part of the organization. A 3.25 GPA is required.”


Samantha with her parents at Chi Alpha Epsilon’s induction ceremony

What was the induction ceremony like?

“The ceremony was very nice. There were thirteen people inducted including me. We had great speakers who inspired and motivated us with humor and passion. After the speakers, each inductee was called up to receive their honor society pins. My parents were in attendance so they were able to be a part of this great memory. Closer to the end of the ceremony, inductees received our honor cords which we will wear at graduation as a sign of our XAE membership.  That moment was an incentive for me because it felt really good to have the cord on. I felt empowered yet eager to continue striving for my goals and dreams that I aspire to reach. There was also cake which made things even better!”

Chi Alpha Epsilon’s values are excellence, scholarship, leadership, ingenuity, and community service. What do these ideals mean to you?

“These are values that I respect and carry out in this honor society, my major and my sorority. Excellence to me is having the will power to do my best at all times with the least amount of regrets possible. Scholarship is aiming and completing the academic standards that I set for myself each day. Leadership is taking control and accepting responsibility for my education, and my overall success in college. Most importantly, leadership is helping to guide others who do not know how to utilize resources presented to them but have the motivational drive to meet their goals.  Ingenuity to me is finding a way no matter what. Trying but failing is very different from not trying at all. I see community service as a way to reach out to others in need in order to help better society as a whole.”

Chi Alpha Epsilon emphasizes the importance of community service. Can you tell us about some of your community service experiences?

“This is my first semester as an initiated member, so I haven’t done any community service with the organization yet. However, I’m excited to say that we’ll be doing a clothing drive for Berks Women in Crisis next month!”

You can learn more about Chi Alpha Epsilon on their homepage:

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