Profile of a Scholar: Keyana

Keyana, White-Williams Scholar College Connection Class of 2013 and an Academy at Palumbo graduate, is gaining leadership experience while pursuing her passion for dance as co-captain of Gettysburg College’s BOMB Squad, a high-energy Hip-Hop dance group. A junior majoring in Sociology, Keyana plans to apply her leadership skills to a career in Data Analysis or Project Management. Keyana wanted to share what her experience with BOMB Squad has taught her about dedication and responsibility:

Can you tell us a little about BOMB Squad?

BOMB Squad is one of the dance groups on campus that provides entertainment for various events throughout the Gettysburg Community. BOMB Squad’s main form of dance is Hip-Hop.


Keyana in her BOMB Squad uniform

How long have you been co-captain?

I have been co-captain for about 6 months now and it has been a great experience so far!

Why did you want to get involved with BOMB Squad? Have you always been interested in dance?

All my life I have had a passion for dance. I never attended dance school. I am self-taught. I live to entertain. Although I did not get a chance to dance in high school, I found stepping to be an outlet to explore my interest in dancing. When I found out that Gettysburg had a Hip-Hop dance group on campus during Get Acquainted Day before I matriculated to Gettysburg, I made it my mission to audition. I told myself if I did not make it the first semester that I would try out again in the spring. However, I made BOMB Squad on the first try! I was ecstatic. There is really nothing like performing on stage with the crowd cheering you on. The crowd’s reaction gives me more energy to go all out when performing.


What are your primary responsibilities as co-captain?

As co-captain I make sure that all members know the dance routines and that they are all putting their best foot forward. I lead by example by attending every practice so that the members know that I take my commitment to BOMB Squad really seriously. I also listen to input from other members and incorporate their ideas into the routines.

What do you think is your most valuable skill as co-captain?

My most valuable skill as co-captain is definitely patience. The ability to give constructive criticism is also really important.

What advice would you give to a Philadelphia Futures collegian who is considering taking on a leadership role at their school?

When taking on a leadership role, it’s important to be fully committed to your organization. If you’re not, it reflects poorly to those looking from the outside in. On the other hand, if you’re committed to your organization but feel like you don’t have the confidence to try a leadership role, try anyway! When I was first asked to be co-captain, I was a little uncertain because I worried that I wouldn’t have time for it. In the end, I made time for it because I love performing and the people that I work with.

Check out an amazing BOMB Squad performance below:

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