Physical Wellness

This Wellness Wednesday, we’ll discuss the final area of wellness on our wellness wheel: physical wellness. Physical wellness involves taking care of your body so that you can be your healthiest and feel your best. Making positive choices about how you treat your body can make all the difference in your overall wellness.

Strategies to Enhance Your Physical Wellness:

Find time in a busy schedule to be active:

  • Set small goals. Go for a quick walk during your class or study breaks.
  • Sign up for yoga, fitness, sport or other recreation programs offered on campus that you can attend before or after class.
  • Schedule an activity with a friend so you can support each other in being active.

Avoid Illness:

  • Wash your hands! College students live and work in close quarters. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer when you pass a dispenser.
  • See your healthcare provider for regular check-ups.
  • Listen to your body and respond appropriately and learn to recognize early signs of illness.
  • If you do get sick, take time to rest and allow your body to heal.

Maintain healthy eating habits:

  • Eat a balanced breakfast daily to fuel your body and mind.
  • Include an array of foods in your diet  to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients.
  • Stay hydrated to feel good and perform well.
  • Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can at every meal.

Get Enough Sleep:

  • Do your best to get 8-10 hours of sleep each night.
  • Say “no” to “all-nighters.” Sleeping before a test or project will be of greater help then staying up all night cramming.
  • Create a sleep space that is inviting, peaceful, dark and quiet.
  • Don’t exercise, work or study right up until you go to bed. Take time to relax.

Make Good Choices:

  • Sexual health is an important aspect of physical wellness. Be deliberate about your sexual choices including protecting yourself from STIs and unplanned pregnancy.
  • Binge drinking is dangerous. About 40% of all college students admit to binge drinking (having more than 4-5 drinks in 2 hours) which can lead to alcohol poisoning, poor decision making, and even death. If you do choose to drink, do so responsibly.
  • Using drugs, including abuse of prescription drugs, can impact not only your health, but your academic and career future. Keep your goals in mind when choosing your friends, your living situation, and how you enjoy your free time.

Now that our wellness wheel has come full circle, take the opportunity to evaluate the areas where you can improve your wellness. A helpful tool is the wellness quiz. Set meaningful, attainable wellness goals for yourself and follow through on them. Stay well, and remember to stay connected to Philadelphia Futures, as we’ll continue to work with the wellness wheel all year!

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