Profile of a Scholar: Crystal Crawford


If you’ve stopped by the Philadelphia Futures office lately, you’ve probably been greeted by a familiar face. Crystal Crawford, SAS class of 2010, recently joined our staff as a new Program Assistant! Crystal graduated in May from PSU-Abington with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological and Social Science. As a Philadelphia Futures Scholar, Crystal uses her insider’s perspective to provide expert support to students and staff. At our very fast-paced office, Crystal’s hard work, dedication, and upbeat personality couldn’t be more appreciated!

We asked Crystal to share some of her wisdom as a successful young graduate:

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

“I am most proud of my college degree. I’ve learned so much throughout my college journey. I’ve learned about academic subjects and fields, and I completed an internship requirement that helped me discover my passion to be a Human Resource Consultant. I worked very hard and diligently to earn my college degree which showed me that I can overcome even the hardest obstacles. I am most proud of the fact that I earned my degree while raising a daughter, who is five today. “

How did Philadelphia Futures help you on your journey to college graduation?

“Philadelphia Futures gave me the path to success. I would not have a college degree if it were not for Philadelphia Futures.  They believed in me and my abilities since my freshman year of high school. Philadelphia Futures told me I could, even when I believed I couldn’t.  They gave me the resources, tools and support I needed to obtain my college degree. Philadelphia Futures is the family I’ve never had.”

What advice would you give current Philadelphia Futures collegians?

“Never give up. You are where you are today because you are a scholar and some very important people noticed that. You are also where you are today because you worked very hard, so don’t give up now. Also, get involved on your campus to truly engage in your college experience. Being involved gives you other positive things to look forward to while you are in school and will help to build a support system for you on campus. You may even become a part of other people’s support systems, which I found rewarding. Finally, remember Philadelphia Futures is always there, so reach out.”

We at Philadelphia Futures are so proud of Crystal and so grateful to have her on our team. Stop in and say hello!

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