Be Your Best Self

The theme for our 2015 Kick-Off and the 2015-2016 Academic Year is Be Your Best Self!

Our programming will focus on the aspects of the wellness wheel highlighted in the images below.

wellness wheel

wellness wheel activity 1 wellness wheel activity 2

Questions To Ask Yourself:

  1. What areas of wellness have the most color? The least?
  2. What areas do you need to change and make improvements?
  3. Which slice(s) of wellness do you plan to begin improving?
  4. How will you begin making changes in your life to achieve a better you?

Below are tips and resources to assist with improving your wellness and overall quality of life. You can even complete a wellness assessment in different wellness categories by using the resources below.

The Plan To A Better You:

  • Decide which slice of wellness you would like to change. You can choose more than one.
  • Identify those items that you need to improve (i.e. attend tutoring more frequently, exercise, increase sleep, etc.)
  • Which identified items do you have the capacity to change? Focus on these areas.
  • Write and set specific and doable daily, weekly or monthly goals. Then follow through on each goal.
  • As a result of completing my wellness wheel, I intend to improve my life balance by…
  • Examples:
    • I will walk for 20 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 6:00pm.
    • I will meet my study group every Wednesdays from 7:00pm- 9:00pm in the library.
    • I will call at 10:00am on Monday to make an appointment at the Counseling Center.
  • Review your goals list daily/weekly and check off goals that you have achieved.
  • Decide your next set of goals or repeat the same goals.


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