Career Roundtable Luncheons – RSVP NOW!

Philadelphia Futures Spring Break 2013 Collegian Programming

Career Roundtable Luncheon and   

Roadmap for Career Success

We are hosting exciting and informative programs in the most common Spring Break weeks:

  1. Roundtable Luncheon with an Industry Leader:  Gain valuable insight, ask pressing questions, and walk away with a better understanding of how to position yourself for a great start in the industry!
  2. Roadmap for Career Success:   Understand, visualize and map-out the practical steps to gain the life-changing opportunities that will establish a solid career path!

Each luncheon starts promptly at 12:30 and ends at 1:30, with the Roadmap Workshop to follow immediately, ending at 2:30.

Week 1: Thursday, March 7th – Career Roundtable Luncheon with a Graphic Design, Marketing and Media Communications Professional! 

Week 2:  Thursday, March 14th – Career Roundtable Luncheon with a Science and Medicine Professional!

Week 3:  Thursday, March 21st –  Career Roundtable Luncheon with LA-based Entertainment Professionals!

Join us the week you are home on break, or as many times as your schedule allows!

Please RSVP to Jack Byerly at or 215-790-1666 x410 and let him know which session(s) you will be attending. Your response is important so we can accurately plan for our lunch order.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

– The OCRS Staff

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