Scholarships! Don’t Miss Out Folks….

With over $49 billion in grants and scholarships out there (according to, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to secure free money to help pay for college. Many college students believe that scholarships aren’t open to students already enrolled in college, but that’s actually a misconception. In fact, there are many, many scholarships available to current college students. If you’ve been forced to take out loans, don’t pass up the opportunity to lessen your loan burden by researching and applying for scholarships out there for undergrads.

Below is a good starting point to check out some scholarships that are available for 2018. We want our #PFCollegians to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist.

Also, don’t forget to visit your college’s financial aid office for more opportunities! Most colleges and universities have scholarships available to students already enrolled in classes, or they can direct you to the scholarship opportunities they’re familiar with for current students.


2018 Career Futures Internship Application

Hey PF Collegians,

It is that time of the year again…the 2018 Career Futures application is now open!

Kindly see below for the link to this year’s application.  Please click on the link below for access.

2018 Career Futures Application

Directions: Save the document to your computer, type directly into the application and email your completed form as an attachment.

We look forward to reviewing your applications.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season and New Year!





RFP for Annual Conference

Philadelphia Futures Annual Conference

Build Your Future

January 13, 2018

Request for Conference Workshop Facilitators


Purpose: The purpose of the Annual Conference is to gather the entire Philadelphia Futures community to celebrate accomplishments, to learn about relevant topics for our students and to share information pertinent to participation in the program and academic success. We hope that everyone will leave with some new ideas, skills, connections or wisdom, as well as energized and excited for 2018 with Philadelphia Futures.


Audience: Participants in conference workshops may be high school students, college students, alumni, parents/guardians, mentors, board members and/or financial supporters.


Theme:  Philadelphia Futures theme for the 2017-18 academic year is “Build Your Future,” and conference presenters are encouraged to incorporate this theme into the workshop content and materials.


Logistics:  Workshop presentations should be informational and interactive.  Each workshop time slot is 50 minutes, which includes introductions and time for questions and answers.  Content of the presentation should be planned for 35-45 minutes.  Audiences may be limited as appropriate; for example, some topics may only be relevant for collegians, but some may be helpful for high school students as well.


Selection Criteria:  Presenters must be college students affiliated with Philadelphia Futures.

Presentation proposals will be reviewed based on information submitted in the attached application, and will be selected based on relevance of the topic to target audience, evidence of knowledge of topic, creativity of presentation format, planned engagement of workshop participants, and clear outline of workshop.


Submission Procedure:

  • All information on the following page should be complete.
  • Questions may be directed to Ariel Brockman (ext 434) or Amy Perez (ext 448) at Philadelphia Futures 215-790-1666.
  • Proposals should be submitted by Monday, November 27th via email attachment to Amy Perez, Director of College Success Programs at .

Philadelphia Futures Annual Conference Presentation Proposal


Presenter Information – up to four students may present together

  1. Name:

College/University:                                                     Major:

Email address:



  1. Name:

College/University:                                                     Major:

Email address:



  1. Name:

College/University:                                                     Major:

Email address:



  1. Name:

College/University:                                                     Major:

Email address:



Topic Area of Presentation:

  • Academic – i.e. research, advice for/lessons learned from study abroad
  • Career – i.e. internship experience and advice, work study experience and advice
  • Financial – i.e. personal finance, advice for successfully securing scholarships
  • Social/Political – i.e. navigating complex conversations on campus, how to be an effective ally on campus
  • Other ___________________________


Target Audience:  (check all that apply)


  • High school students
  • College Students
  • Alumni
  • Parents
  • Mentors
  • Board Members and other supporters



Title of Presentation/Workshop:



Description:  Provide a brief overview (up to 150 words) of your presentation.  Define the topic, describe the information you will present, note format/style (lecture, discussion, small group, etc), and explain the relevance of the topic to the audience.














Goals:  Identify 2-3 learning goals for the presentation.  What will participants gain from attending your workshop?












Outline:  Please include an outline of the workshop, noting topics and subtopics, time breakdown and list of visuals, activities, etc.

How to Beat Midterm Stress

Has studying got you down?  Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or unfocused?   Well, the good thing is you are not alone in the struggle.  Midterm week can leave many of us feeling anything but calm.  Never fear, here are some tips to get through midterm week with flying colors.

  1. Make a Schedule—and stick to it! It is essential to unpack the complexity of your school, extracurricular, and work commitments during this time. Having a planner is one way of visually keeping track of tasks, prioritizing based on deadlines and examination times.  This can help you stay on track and have more manageable goals so that you can accomplish everything you need to without cramming.  Cramming is never a good idea—that’s when the anxiety starts to creep in.   Also, studies show that when you cram, you almost certainly never retain the information long-term.  Hence, planning and sticking to it, is the way to go!
  2. Eliminate Distractions— I know, I know it is hard to disconnect from our phones, tablets, and computers, but sometimes it is the only way to truly stay focused. Whether you need to hide your devices, go to a coffee shop, or temporarily deactivate social media accounts, you should do it.  This way you can eliminate all forms of distraction when you are trying to stay focused on studying or finishing that paper.  Trust me—you will get waaaay more accomplished.
  3. Sweat it Out—Exercise is a great way to work out your frustrations and anxieties, not to mention helps you stay fit and healthy. Whether cardio or yoga is more your thing, any form of movement will help during this period to alleviate the blues.  Many universities have free access to their gym, but there are also many Youtube videos you can look up and try in the comfort of your own apartment.
  4. Eat & Rest Well—Although it may be tempting to hit up a fast food joint or grab for a red-bull, these are some of the worst things you can do to your body. Your immune system will weaken and the likelihood of illness is high. It is so important to boost your body’s health during this hectic period.  Make sure to get in your veggies and fruits—and enough protein and fiber to stay strong and keep your energy up in a natural way.  In addition, make sure to get the right amount of shut-eye.  Doctors recommend 8 hours a night for college students. There is no point in depriving your body of sleep—it can lead to other problems.
  5. Reward Yourself—You deserve it! Make sure to have at least an hour a day where you can unwind and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

And that wraps it up, I hope these pointers help to beat stress during midterms week.

The Steps to Voting Absentee Style

As promised, here are the steps for applying for your absentee ballot!

Voting absentee applies to you if you are out of the State of Pennsylvania or unable to get to your normal polling station because you are on campus and registered to vote with your “residential home address.”

  1. Download and print out the absentee ballot application. Find it here:
  2. Complete the application—remembering to complete every line item.  Also, make sure to use the address where you can receive mail (on campus address, etc…)
  3. Mail or drop off your absentee ballot application so that it will be received by your county Board of Elections by 5 pm on the Tuesday before Election Day.
    1. Hint: You can find out your county’s Board of Election information here-
    2. To make life easier, since the majority of you are from Philadelphia County—here is the full address and telephone number of Philadelphia County’s Board of Elections:

Philadelphia County Board of Elections

520 North Christopher Columbus Boulevard

Philadelphia, PA 19123

Telephone Number: 215-686-1505

  1. Complete your absentee ballot as soon as you receive it in the mail!!!
  2. Mail or hand-deliver your absentee ballot so that it will be received by your county Board of Elections by 5 pm on the Friday before Election Day.

Key Dates to Keep in Mind!!

Request Deadline: Tuesday, October 31, 2017, at 5 pm

Return Deadline: Friday, November 3, 2017, at 5 pm

Happy Absentee Voting—it’s so important to have your voice heard!

How to Kick the “Missing Home” Blues…

Feeling nostalgic? Worried or irritable? You may be experiencing a bout of homesickness.

However, you should know that you aren’t alone in the struggle—many students feel this way at some point during college when they leave the nest!

Here are some quick tips to relieve some of the symptoms of homesickness… And good news, unlike some afflictions—it is totally curable, you just have to stick it out!!!

  1. Do something social & fun! Often times, it starts out as a distraction, but you end up building a storehouse of good, new memories! Whether that’s joining a club or suggesting lunch with your floor-mates, find something to do that makes you smile.
  2. Talk it out…Reach out to your college’s student support services—help is not far away and you don’t have to do it alone.   The counselors on campus are equipped with creative techniques to keep negative feelings at bay and make you feel better. Similarly, you could try talking to another student—chances are they could also be experiencing similar “symptoms,” and therefore you could be an emotional cushion for one another.
  3. Keep a journal….Jot down your thoughts, experiences and dreams, and try to make some sense out of the different pieces going on in your mind. This can help you process the different emotions you are experiencing and be a healthy manner of releasing them.
  4. Schedule a Skype/Facetime date with your loved ones from home. Make time to catch up with the people you miss—seeing their face may put you at ease and keep you going. Although it isn’t the same as being “in person,” it is a good substitute while you are away from home and a way to still be emotionally connected.
  5. And remember be kind to yourself – it is OKAY to miss home. In fact, it is perfectly normal. Expressing yourself through tears, etc.. is totally acceptable and can be therapeutic and reparative!

In closing, don’t forget the College Success team is always here for you as well—we are just a call or email away. The College Success advisors are a resource that you can always utilize whether you are at home in Philly or away at school.

Easy as One, Two, Three….ABC… The Steps to Registering to Vote in Pennsylvania!

  1. Know the deadline—this year, everyone has until October 10th to register to vote in this year’s election.
  2. Complete the online application form—you can do this on your phone, tablet, or computer. Here is the link for Pennsylvania’s voter registration application:
    1. Helpful hints: If you have a PA driver’s license or PennDOT ID, keep it handy, since you will have to reference it while you complete the application.
    2. You have two choices on where (which address) you register to vote. You have the right to register and vote where you live now, whether that is an on-campus or off-campus address. Or, you may choose to register and vote at your prior home address.
  3. Submit the online application form! As simple as clicking on “continue.”
  4. Track your application status. After you submit, you are provided with a unique number through email.   This number allows you to track your application status through the “Find Voter Application Status” option on
  5. Keep an eye out for your voter registration card, this should be produced and mailed to your residence within 14 days. If not, call 1-877-VOTESPA for assistance.
  6. Happy Voting!
    1. Note: Please actually vote on the 7th of November!!! Not only is it your civic duty and empowering, but it is also the cornerstone of our democracy 🙂

Are you not going to be in PA on Election Day? Or you are registered with your prior home address, but are currently on-campus within PA and can’t get to your usual polling place? Never fear, stay tuned for a future posting on how to submit an application for an absentee ballot or to update your registration information online!

Profile of a Scholar: Luis

Luis, Sponsor-A-Scholar Class of 2013 and recent Penn State graduate, has already proven his ability to turn passion into opportunity. A Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship major, Luis saw a chance to share his passion for finance with his peers by founding Financially Independent Nittany Lions, a financial literacy student organization. We asked Luis to tell us a little about what it takes to be a successful leader of a new student organization:

What is Financially Independent Nittany Lions?

“Financially Independent Nittany Lions (FINL) is a student-run organization comprised of individuals aspiring to achieve financial security. FINL gives Penn State students an opportunity to learn about managing personal finances and investing during college to ensure financial independence after graduation.”


Luis at the podium at our Philadelphia Futures 2017 Graduation Celebration

What inspired you to start the club?

“I started the club with the ultimate goal of FINL as a way to increase financial awareness through various investment opportunities, so that students are better prepared to survive the transition from college to career.”

What were your primary responsibilities as the club’s president?

“The primary responsibility of the president is managing the club’s internal and external affairs. Examples include meeting with other clubs to co-sponsor events, marketing the organization to other students, and dividing up responsibilities for presentations.


Luis with fellow members of FINL

What trait do you think was most valuable in your role as president?

“One trait that definitely helped me in my role as president was the ability to restrategize if our original plan fell through. This helped keep my team focused and motivated to achieve the organization’s goals.”

What advice would you give to a Philadelphia Futures collegian who is considering taking on a leadership role at their school?

“Be prepared to motivate your team and take the initiative to execute your plans efficiently. Be sure to delegate tasks, and keep your members motivated by emphasizing the mission and value of the group. Always be prepared to trouble-shoot so that you don’t lose momentum if you experience a set-back.”

If you’re a Philadelphia Futures Collegian who’d like to share one of your most interesting college experiences, please contact

Welcome Home!

With the Spring 2017 semester drawing to a close, it won’t be long before many of you who have been away at school will return to the City of Brotherly Love! During the week of May 22nd, we’re pleased to offer a variety of programs at the Philadelphia Futures office to welcome you back home and help you make the most of your summer break. Please plan to attend one or more of the programs below. We can’t wait to see you!

Monday, May 22nd 1:00pm-3:00pm
Resume Workshop
The period just after the end of the academic year is a great time to update your resume to reflect all of your recent accomplishments. Volunteer professionals will be on hand to review your resume and provide suggestions for improvement. Please arrive with both a printed hard copy and an editable electronic version of your resume. Additionally, if you would like to have your resume reviewed prior to the workshop, you must email a copy to Shari Cumberbatch ( no later than Monday, May 15th. However, please note that ALL students are welcome,
even if you have not submitted your resume for review.
Please RSVP* for this event by Monday, May 15th.
Tuesday, May 23rd 9:30am-1:30pm
Career Futures Internship Orientation
Maximize your internship experience! This mandatory program for students who have been placed in a summer internship through Career Futures is designed to orient students to professional workplace culture and expectations.
Please RSVPfor this event by Thursday, May 18th.
Wednesday, May 24th 9:30am-11:30am
Thursday, May 25th 5:00pm-7:00pm
Financial Literacy Workshop with Santander Bank
Philadelphia Futures collegians and parents are invited to join us for this informative personal finance workshop hosted by Santander Bank. We are offering two sessions of this program in order to accommodate a variety of schedules.
Please RSVP* for this event by Wednesday, May 17th.
Thursday, May 25th 10:00am-12:00noon
Study Abroad Panel
Are you interested in studying abroad? Learn about opportunities and funding options from a panel of Philadelphia Futures collegians who have lived it!
Please RSVP* for this event by Wednesday, May 17th.
Please RSVP* for each event by its indicated deadline by contacting 
Kelly Crodian at 215-790-1666 ext. 420 or
*Please remember that by requesting an RSVP we are asking that you respond
whether you will or will NOT be attending.

Funding for Summer Courses

We hope that the last few weeks of your spring semester are going well! We know that many of you have expressed interest in taking classes over the summer. Please note that there are several possible funding options for summer courses, including limited funds from Philadelphia Futures! Keep reading to find out more.

Federal aid funds:

While current financial aid policies significantly limit the availability of aid for summer coursework, you should seek this funding before applying for a summer grant from Philadelphia Futures. If you have any Pell or Direct Loan funding remaining from this academic year, you may be able to apply it towards your summer courses at the college you are currently attending. If you received a refund check during the year, you may also use those funds towards summer classes. Visit your Financial Aid office to inquire about available aid.

You should NOT use PHEAA funds for summer courses. PHEAA eligibility is limited to 8 semesters. Do not use your eligibility for a summer session, which is often less expensive than a fall/spring semester.

Funding from Philadelphia Futures:

If you do not qualify for federal aid at your school, or if you plan to take classes at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), you may apply for summer grant funds from Philadelphia Futures.

Funds are EXTREMELY limited. For College Connection students, 100% of funding will be from a Philadelphia Futures summer grant award. For Sponsor-A-Scholar students, funding may be divided between grant funds and your remaining sponsorship funds.

  1. CCP Summer Grant from Philadelphia Futures
  • You must have a J number (a CCP student number).
  • You must confirm with Philadelphia Futures that the courses you enroll in will fulfill requirements at your home institution.
  • Grant amounts will vary up to the cost of two courses. For SAS students, one half will be contributed by Philadelphia Futures and the other half from the student’s Sponsorship funds.
  1. Summer Philadelphia Futures Grant
  • You must be enrolled in at least one course during the spring 2017 semester.
  • Grant amounts will vary up to the cost of two courses.

Please click here for more detailed information and instructions for applying. Then click the link below if you choose to apply.

Click here to complete the application.   

Grant applications are due by Friday, April 28. Recipients will be selected based on need, demonstrated commitment to their own academic success, commitment to Philadelphia Futures, and strength of the Grant Application request. Award recipients will be notified on Wednesday, May 3.

Please contact Amy at 215-790-1666 x448 or with any questions or concerns.